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Avtaar Bajwa

Avtaar Bajwa. Hot new model on the horizon… wonder if he’s related somehow to Indian supermodel Inder Bajwa? Anyhoo, cute guy, great body. Looks great in his underwear. wowsa.

Saqib Saleem

Saqib Saleem will soon appear in Yash Raj films’ young film banner, Yfilms. The upcoming movie is Mujhse Fraaaaandship Karoge which stars, among other, the very young, the very cute Saqib Saleem. Model turned actor. As a former model, of course he’s not shy to take his top off and already appears in the film in boxers. very cute guy.

found this in the archive. munna s photography (he shoots guys really well) and had us thinking, is that Saqib Saleem nude? Nude-ish in the pic? hotness.

Rishi Idnani

Rishi Idnani, the most successful US-based Indian male model of all time! Always one of the most popular posts in our blog, Rishi Idnani’s maintained his kick-ass bod over the years and his work-ethic has landed him many, many gigs. Google his name and 1000s of pics pop up. Apart from the looks and the body, its the ‘non-shy’ factor. As Asian male models try to make it in the market in the west, the ‘i won’t post nude, i won’t pose in speedos, i won’t do this, that and the other’ self-imposed rules don’t work. you’re in the body biz babz, if you have it, flaunt it!

The first two pics Rishi Idnani also prove, he looks damn fine even with his clothes on. g’luck to him