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Is Aanaahad grabbing the title of best body in Bollywood? We think so. from the spectacularly sexy shoot he did for American mag fantastics.

shot by sayan sur roy – one of the best photographers in bombay. all hunks, head to sayan and get your damn portfolio done! he’s da best man

Manpreet Kahlon

Manpreet Kahlon looking damn fine. he’s got to sign up with an agency and work it. he’s got an interesting ‘look’ which the fash biz is always looking for. we wish him really well.

again, shot by the brilliant ronald z tan. see his site here and earlier posts here.

Saqib Saleem

Saqib Saleem will soon appear in Yash Raj films’ young film banner, Yfilms. The upcoming movie is Mujhse Fraaaaandship Karoge which stars, among other, the very young, the very cute Saqib Saleem. Model turned actor. As a former model, of course he’s not shy to take his top off and already appears in the film in boxers. very cute guy.

found this in the archive. munna s photography (he shoots guys really well) and had us thinking, is that Saqib Saleem nude? Nude-ish in the pic? hotness.

Manpreet Kahlon

Manpreet Kahlon, aspiring male model based in the US. We wish him all the best as he’s certainly got a hot look and kick-ass body. The rules are, if you have it, flaunt it. And he certainly has ‘it’.

Particular note to applause Ronald Z Tan. He’s an amazing, amazing photographer who has the ability to make even the most ordinary look extraordinary. Would request aspiring models – esp ‘desi’ mods, to drop him a line if you’re based in the US as he can elevate your portfolio to another level. Eg with model Sukh. I saw him at an event a few months ago and he looks very ordinary, but in his pics by Ronald, he looks brilliant, like a top model. All credit to the master lensman!